Are You Marriage Material?

brideAre you in a long term relationship but not quite sure if he is ready to settle down? Maybe there are still questions in his head that you have yet to answer. He may be wondering if you are the one. Quell his fears by showing traits that men would like to see in their future wife.

How to Show Him You Are Marriage Material

There are certain characteristics that men look for in their future wife. Maybe you are not displaying these traits enough that is why despite the length of your relationship, he has yet to propose. Here are some things that men look for in their future wife:


Men like to be trusted whenever they go out. Avoid thinking that he is always out with other girls to cheat on you. Maybe he just wants to hang out with friends. He is not always lying to you trust him so that he can trust you as well.

Give Him Space

A man needs space every now and then. Avoid clinging onto him all the time. Give him space so that he can grow to become the individual you have always wanted him to be. Let him be himself and hang out with his friends every now and then. Once you’re married, you’ll have an eternity with him.

Understand His Insecurities

There will be times when your man will be insecure about his finances, work, and other things. Learning about his insecurities will help you understand him more and avoid any issue that might bring his insecurities to the fore.

Support Him

Most men hide their insecurities and problems but it does not mean he does not need support. Support your man even if he says there is nothing wrong doing so will show him that you will be around when times get rough.

Use Humor To Make Women Want You

make women want youMost people think that funny guys finish last. And man, they are so wrong. Funny guys can choose not to finish last if only they know how to put their wit to good use. Have you ever noticed how comedians get wives that are so attractive it’s almost unfair? They get the girl because they know how to make their sense of humor work for their relationships.

Women admit that a good sense of humor is one of the things they look for in a man. For some, this ranks higher than money or good looks. It’s because humor lets them know that the guy has a keen eye for things that most people don’t notice and that he has the guts to point it out. Also, humor actually shows that the man is smart and that his thoughts are interesting. If you want to catch a woman’s attention, do so with wit. (A lot more info on how to make women want you is available at this the PUA Books website.)

However, you need to know which kind of humor appeals to the ladies. For most, fart jokes and belching are a big no-no. Racist and sexist jokes just won’t cut it either. If you want to be funny, make sure that you’re not being offensive. Though some can get away with offending people, you wouldn’t want your date to be repulsed by something you just said. If you’re just getting to know her, a simple, wholesome joke could make her smile. If you’re already familiar with each other, maybe you can break the ice in the conversation by talking about something funny that happened to you on your way to pick her up.

Also you’ll score mad bonus points if you’re a really good storyteller. Women are attracted to men who know how to be cool and expose their funny side. If you’re usually the business-minded, serious guy, maybe it’s time to let your guard down and share a few laughs with your date. Having fun in your conversation might make things work for the both of you. No one wants a boring date and you don’t want to be accused of being that guy who wouldn’t even crack a smile. If you’re usually the joker among your friends, maybe you can turn your silliness into something charming. Just like the goofy characters in romantic comedies, learn how to show your sweet side without compromising your wit. Once you learn that skill, she will appreciate it. Be the funny guy any great girl would want!

Dating Advice For Women

dating a winnerHaving trouble with dating? Sure, most people say that women have it easier than men do when it comes to dating. However, the truth is that maybe women actually have it harder than men do. Men do not really need to dress themselves up, or make themselves look attractive. At least, compared to women, they really don’t. This, along with other things, are what makes men and women so different, especially when it comes to dating. No; women have it more difficult than men do, and it is only valid that you are having a hard time dating and attracting quality men, if you are. Want a few tips on how to ultimately make that issue relatively easier?

Here are 3 basic yet completely effective ways on how to easily attract men, and ultimately make dating a whole lot easier for you women out there.

3 Tips on How to Attract Men Easily and Simply

Look Like A Lady

The first, and foremost thing any man will see of you, would be none other than you, your face, and your body. If he does not like what he sees, then there might be a good chance he might not even consider dating you at all. It’s important to note that you don’t have to look like you’re attending a royal ball every time you put yourself out there; all you have to do is look decent and presentable enough, a sort of look of elegant simplicity, if you may, and you’ll be surprised at the number of men who’ll get close right away.

Always Keep the Conversation Interesting

Once you’ve established communication with him, do not let up. Always keep that conversation with him light, funny, and engaging. This means listening and reacting to whatever he says, providing your own share to the conversation, and a joke every now and then.


Veritas is Latin for “truth”. This tip just means that you should, and have to be yourself whenever you’re with a guy. If he doesn’t like you for your true self, then he isn’t for you. Nothing builds a relationships better than truth. If that relationship started off with fibs, it’ll end up with lies. If it started off with the truth, it’ll grow into a relationship which can stand the test of anything. This tip might come off as cliché, yet clichés are almost always the best tips for attracting men nowadays.

If you are interested in more on this topic you may also want to check out for ideas on the “secret signal” men look for in the women they want to get serious with.

Meeting Women Is Often Easier Said Than Done

couple huggingY’know what, a lot of married people try to act like the dating game is a piece of cake when in reality it is far from it for many men and women who are still trying to find their soul mates. Sure, there are those who get lucky in love and meet a great spouse at an early age, but for most people there is a lot of agony involved in meeting and properly courting and exceptional partner.

And while we usually focus on the dating game from a woman’s perspective, this problem is often very difficult for men who were not raised around a lot of women, and to may not have developed the greatest social skills. Social skills are key for success on the dating scene and without a baseline level of social intelligence meeting a woman and getting her out on a date can seem like a real tough road to hoe. After all, getting a woman interested in spending time with you requires you to know how to talk to her in a charming way, and knowing how to present yourself as an attractive appealing man.

Of course a certain level of intelligence and determination is required to make this program work, but assuming that a guy is smart enough, and simply lacking in social skills this information will likely be highly beneficial in bringing him up to speed and instructing him as to what he needs to be focusing on in order to achieve a high level of dating success.

The truth is that dating is rarely easy, and many of those smug married folks who insinuate that there is nothing to it are probably just saying that to make themselves feel better about their own inadequacies. After all, it is much easier to point the finger at others and laugh at them for their shortcomings than it is to take a long look at ourselves and to admit to the fact that perhaps there are some things we could still learn about dating ourselves.

In the end, learning about dating and how to properly meet members of the opposite sex is something that will pay back dividends for years to come. Even those who are happy in their current relationships are marriages would do well to learn more about this subject so that they can feel more confident in social situations, and so that they are better prepared if and when their relationships end and they are thrust once again onto the dating scene.

Tips for Successful Online Dating With Quality Men

With the advent of new technology and rise of social media, online dating is certainly the most popular way to search for life partners. You can even broaden your horizon and communicate with men outside your country. But because of its accessibility to almost everyone in the world, ladies should also be careful in dealing with guys they just meet on cyberspace. Don’t worry, there are still men out there really looking for a perfect partner and here’s how to catch them:

1. Go to legitimate dating sites. Avoid visiting free dating sites as it is much easier to create accounts and pretend to be someone else. Sign up on sites that have membership fees because for sure most of the members are really looking for real relationships. These sites have guidelines and standards when accepting members so rest assured that you have better chances of meeting a decent guy.

2. Upload your most presentable yet realistic photo. It is better not to create false expectations that may eventually turn off the guy. Also, do not over-edit your photo through an available photo editing software. I am sure that you have that photo that shows your killer smile. Use that.

3. Make your profile interesting. Do not pretend to be someone you are not. Determine all your positive traits and highlight them on your profile. You can ask your closest friends to tell you how they find you as a person because that will help you become creative in presenting yourself. And please, do not use clichés and as much as possible try to sound vibrant and easy-to-get-along-with.

4. Get to know more about the guy before going on a date. It is important that you communicate more with him before deciding to set an actual date. It will make both of you more comfortable with each other. You also have the time to prepare on how to interact with him as you already have a glimpse of his personality.

How To Save Your Relationship Before It’s Too Late

Are you on the verge of a separation? Regardless of whether you are on a boyfriend-girlfriend-level relationship, or married, separation is the same serious issue with both types of relationships. It could because of a falling out, a loss of love for each other, or another individual becoming muddled into the mix. Whatever the reason for the impending split, there is always a solution for this separation to not happen at all, and it starts with the letter “D”. Yes, dating. If you get a few dates just right between the two of you, then you can kiss even the mere thought of separating good bye. To follow are a couple of great tips to ensure that you get those crucial dates just right.

Tease Him

Show him what he may be missing, if he ever does want to separate with you. It may not be what you have on your physical self, but it can be what you can, and do offer to the table. Show him that he will regret it if he ever does separate with you.

“Fatten” Him Up

This just means to that you simply have to execute simple, subtle, yet very effective methods which eventually up a great day, or a great evening. Treat him or give him things he normally does not get from anybody else, except from you. Make him meals, visit him at school, work, or little things such as those. Give him massages, and very “good” ones, at that (sensual??? hint, hint!). Then, ask him if he does want to go out on a date. It would be next to improbable for him to say no after days or weeks of building up that date night.

Stop and Go

Pinpoint whatever it is you feel he doesn’t like, because that, or those might be some of the reasons why he may be falling out of that love for you. And do go full force on those things he does like. Just sacrificing a little bit for him will pay off with your gain in the end.

Show Him A Date to Remember

Once you finally get him out on a date, make it as memorable as possible, with a night that he will never, ever forget. He’ll be saying I love you in the morning more times than you may be able to count, after that night.

However, as this video from Oprah explains, sometimes you may just be trying to stay with the wrong guy, so it’s important to figure out if he really is Mr. Wonderful of if you are settling…