Dating Advice For Women

dating a winnerHaving trouble with dating? Sure, most people say that women have it easier than men do when it comes to dating. However, the truth is that maybe women actually have it harder than men do. Men do not really need to dress themselves up, or make themselves look attractive. At least, compared to women, they really don’t. This, along with other things, are what makes men and women so different, especially when it comes to dating. No; women have it more difficult than men do, and it is only valid that you are having a hard time dating and attracting quality men, if you are. Want a few tips on how to ultimately make that issue relatively easier?

Here are 3 basic yet completely effective ways on how to easily attract men, and ultimately make dating a whole lot easier for you women out there.

3 Tips on How to Attract Men Easily and Simply

Look Like A Lady

The first, and foremost thing any man will see of you, would be none other than you, your face, and your body. If he does not like what he sees, then there might be a good chance he might not even consider dating you at all. It’s important to note that you don’t have to look like you’re attending a royal ball every time you put yourself out there; all you have to do is look decent and presentable enough, a sort of look of elegant simplicity, if you may, and you’ll be surprised at the number of men who’ll get close right away.

Always Keep the Conversation Interesting

Once you’ve established communication with him, do not let up. Always keep that conversation with him light, funny, and engaging. This means listening and reacting to whatever he says, providing your own share to the conversation, and a joke every now and then.


Veritas is Latin for “truth”. This tip just means that you should, and have to be yourself whenever you’re with a guy. If he doesn’t like you for your true self, then he isn’t for you. Nothing builds a relationships better than truth. If that relationship started off with fibs, it’ll end up with lies. If it started off with the truth, it’ll grow into a relationship which can stand the test of anything. This tip might come off as cliché, yet clichés are almost always the best tips for attracting men nowadays.

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