Are You Marriage Material?

brideAre you in a long term relationship but not quite sure if he is ready to settle down? Maybe there are still questions in his head that you have yet to answer. He may be wondering if you are the one. Quell his fears by showing traits that men would like to see in their future wife.

How to Show Him You Are Marriage Material

There are certain characteristics that men look for in their future wife. Maybe you are not displaying these traits enough that is why despite the length of your relationship, he has yet to propose. Here are some things that men look for in their future wife:


Men like to be trusted whenever they go out. Avoid thinking that he is always out with other girls to cheat on you. Maybe he just wants to hang out with friends. He is not always lying to you trust him so that he can trust you as well.

Give Him Space

A man needs space every now and then. Avoid clinging onto him all the time. Give him space so that he can grow to become the individual you have always wanted him to be. Let him be himself and hang out with his friends every now and then. Once you’re married, you’ll have an eternity with him.

Understand His Insecurities

There will be times when your man will be insecure about his finances, work, and other things. Learning about his insecurities will help you understand him more and avoid any issue that might bring his insecurities to the fore.

Support Him

Most men hide their insecurities and problems but it does not mean he does not need support. Support your man even if he says there is nothing wrong doing so will show him that you will be around when times get rough.