How To Save Your Relationship Before It’s Too Late

Are you on the verge of a separation? Regardless of whether you are on a boyfriend-girlfriend-level relationship, or married, separation is the same serious issue with both types of relationships. It could because of a falling out, a loss of love for each other, or another individual becoming muddled into the mix. Whatever the reason for the impending split, there is always a solution for this separation to not happen at all, and it starts with the letter “D”. Yes, dating. If you get a few dates just right between the two of you, then you can kiss even the mere thought of separating good bye. To follow are a couple of great tips to ensure that you get those crucial dates just right.

Tease Him

Show him what he may be missing, if he ever does want to separate with you. It may not be what you have on your physical self, but it can be what you can, and do offer to the table. Show him that he will regret it if he ever does separate with you.

“Fatten” Him Up

This just means to that you simply have to execute simple, subtle, yet very effective methods which eventually up a great day, or a great evening. Treat him or give him things he normally does not get from anybody else, except from you. Make him meals, visit him at school, work, or little things such as those. Give him massages, and very “good” ones, at that (sensual??? hint, hint!). Then, ask him if he does want to go out on a date. It would be next to improbable for him to say no after days or weeks of building up that date night.

Stop and Go

Pinpoint whatever it is you feel he doesn’t like, because that, or those might be some of the reasons why he may be falling out of that love for you. And do go full force on those things he does like. Just sacrificing a little bit for him will pay off with your gain in the end.

Show Him A Date to Remember

Once you finally get him out on a date, make it as memorable as possible, with a night that he will never, ever forget. He’ll be saying I love you in the morning more times than you may be able to count, after that night.

However, as this video from Oprah explains, sometimes you may just be trying to stay with the wrong guy, so it’s important to figure out if he really is Mr. Wonderful of if you are settling…