Use Humor To Make Women Want You

make women want youMost people think that funny guys finish last. And man, they are so wrong. Funny guys can choose not to finish last if only they know how to put their wit to good use. Have you ever noticed how comedians get wives that are so attractive it’s almost unfair? They get the girl because they know how to make their sense of humor work for their relationships.

Women admit that a good sense of humor is one of the things they look for in a man. For some, this ranks higher than money or good looks. It’s because humor lets them know that the guy has a keen eye for things that most people don’t notice and that he has the guts to point it out. Also, humor actually shows that the man is smart and that his thoughts are interesting. If you want to catch a woman’s attention, do so with wit. (A lot more info on how to make women want you is available at this the PUA Books website.)

However, you need to know which kind of humor appeals to the ladies. For most, fart jokes and belching are a big no-no. Racist and sexist jokes just won’t cut it either. If you want to be funny, make sure that you’re not being offensive. Though some can get away with offending people, you wouldn’t want your date to be repulsed by something you just said. If you’re just getting to know her, a simple, wholesome joke could make her smile. If you’re already familiar with each other, maybe you can break the ice in the conversation by talking about something funny that happened to you on your way to pick her up.

Also you’ll score mad bonus points if you’re a really good storyteller. Women are attracted to men who know how to be cool and expose their funny side. If you’re usually the business-minded, serious guy, maybe it’s time to let your guard down and share a few laughs with your date. Having fun in your conversation might make things work for the both of you. No one wants a boring date and you don’t want to be accused of being that guy who wouldn’t even crack a smile. If you’re usually the joker among your friends, maybe you can turn your silliness into something charming. Just like the goofy characters in romantic comedies, learn how to show your sweet side without compromising your wit. Once you learn that skill, she will appreciate it. Be the funny guy any great girl would want!